Ultrasonic Flow-meters and air bubble detectors for low flow and tube applications

Sonotec Bubble Detector’s

Bubble detectors use an ultrasound signal to detect air and gas bubbles in liquid filled tubes and measuring cells. These intelligent sensors can be used for the monitoring of bubbles in fluids, for wet/dry alarm notifications and as liquid level…

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Inline ultrasonic Low flow sensor

This ultrasonic flow sensor detects small flows of liquids using bidirectional ultrasound measurement. Due to its PEEK construction and its resistance to temperature the sensor is particularly suitable for applications where strict hygiene is required. The sensor can accommodate Media…

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Contactless Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

This compact ultrasonic flow sensor quickly detects the flow of liquids in flexible tubes. Due to its construction the sensor is particularly suitable for applications in fields where strict hygiene is required. These include biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food production applications….

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Ultrasonic Level switch

With this ultrasonic level switch it is possible to detect easily and reliably when a pipeline is full or empty. Designed for small diameter pipes, the sensor is mounted sideways at the pipe. After a teach-in procedure the sensor uses…

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