Sonotec Bubble Detector’s

Sonotec Bubble Detector’s

Bubble detectors use an ultrasound signal to detect air and gas bubbles in liquid filled tubes and measuring cells.

These intelligent sensors can be used for the monitoring of bubbles in fluids, for wet/dry alarm notifications and as liquid level sensors.

The sensitivity of the sensors can be defined according to the type of application. The user is able to specify from which size upwards air or gas bubbles should be detected, simply by using the software available for configuration and test of the sensors

The Contactless detection system make them an ideal choice for applications requiring strict hygiene.

The sensors have a programmable controller which allows on site adjustment of bubble detection size and response time.

The bubble detector automatically adapts to dynamically changing acoustic conditions. This guarantees a high degree of measurement stability despite fluctuations in the surrounding environment.

Bubble detectors are available for tubes from 1.6mm OD to 20mm OD and can be adapted for your individual requirements

Applications include :

Medical Device manufacturing

Chemical dosing systems

Flow failure alarms

Analytically equipment

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