Liquid Dosing

Flowcon offer a bespoke liquid pumping design and supply service.

Utilising the advanced PID control capabilities of the Bronkhorst Mini Cori Flow series we can offer liquid delivery systems from flows of 0.4g hr up to 600kg/hr

Coriolis Mass Flow Pumping Video

The Bronkhorst Mini Cori-Flow Mass Flow controller when combined with a suitable pump offers a robust highly accurate delivery and dosing system for liquids. When two or more are combined and operated on a master slave basis they offer an…

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Mini Cori Flow Liquid Dosing Systems

The Bronkhorst Cori Tech range of Coriolis Mass flow controllers when coupled to a suitably selected pump offer a flexible solution to the accurate dosing of liquids of unknown or varying properties. Flowcon select the correct combination of positive displacement…

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Precise mass flow liquid dosing systems

The LIQUI-FLOW Pump Controller provides in one simple combination a close coupled Liquid Mass Flow Meter (series L10/L20) and a pump, which accepts analog or digital signals defining the required mass flow rate. Using a pulsation free rotary positive displacement…

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Cori-Fill- Coriolis Controlled Filling System

Bronkhorst CORI-FILL technology combines the integrated batch counter function of the Mini Cori Mass Flow instruments with closely coupled shut-off valves, proportional valves, or pumps. The system offers a flexable system that can easilly be adapted to changing filling or…

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