Spray Coating using mass flow pumps

Spray Coating using mass flow pumps

Bronkhorst combine pumps with Coriolis instruments to deliver unrivaled flow control in spraying applications.

Existing system’s are susceptible to disruption from pressure variation, changes in density or viscosity of media being sprayed, blocked or worn nozzles.

With the Bronkhorst Mass Flow Pumping system the mass flow is consistently monitored using the coriolis meter, this information is then used by the on-board PID control system to adjust the pump output to maintain flow at the pre-selected rate.

With sensor updating at 100 milliseconds any change in process conditions are rapidly detected and adjustments made.

This results in a smooth reliable flow to the spraying nozzle and a consistent coating on the product

Liquid flows from as low as 0.1g/hr can be accurately controlled with this approach

Please View the short video below for an overview of how the system works


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