Mag View Flowmeter

Mag View Flowmeter

The Mag-View series of flow-meters from Bronkhorst offer an economical and accurate method to measure flows in applications where flow sensors with moving parts cannot be applied.

The Mag-View series operate on the magnetic inductive principle. The complete absence of moving parts, its interference free operation and the insensitivity to contaminated liquids, makes this mag meter the perfect solution for compact machines or applications where accuracy and trouble free operation are required.

The mag view series are available in 7 different stainless steel and plastic tube models to cope with fluid flows from 1l/min up to 300 l/min

Features include :

  • Compact design
  • Analog 4-20mA or pulse outputs
  • No moving parts
  • Suitable for any liquid with a minimum conductivity of 20S/cm
  • Low pressure drop
  • Fast response
  • Accurate and repeatable
  • Maintenance free

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